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BF Auction Pro (J1.5)

BF Auction Pro is an auction extension for Joomla 1.5, and is included when you purchase a subscription to BF Auction Plus for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.


Released on
Saturday, 07 September 2013 19:55
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What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.4.2.1
+    Added relist button on front end (note this doesn't delete bid history).
+    Added it-IT language file - Thanks Luca
+    Opening bid amount can now be used by first bidder (without increment)
+    Current High Bidder updates via AJAX

What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.4.2.0
+    CSV Import
+    CSV export
+    Added liveupdate

What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.4.1.0
+    Added maxbid to email templates
+   Added new image upload with thumbnails
+    Added pt-PT language file - Thanks Helder Ferreira
$    Updated pt-BR language file - Thanks Helder Ferreira
+    Added Watch list
+    Added Automatic bidding

What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.4.0.3
+    Added da-DK language file - Thanks Mark Lifsches
+    Added search filter to front end
+    Added search filter to backend
+    Added category filter to front end
+    Added buy now filter to front end
#    Fixed default date format where minutes should be %M not %i
#    Fixed minor AJAX issue where status 0 is returned

What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.4.0.2
+    Added dateFormat parameter based on http://php.net/manual/en/function.strftime.php
#    Fixed email templates so it defaults to first one if there is none defined for that category
^    Obscure high bidder name on item list view
+    Implemented my bids view
#    Added URL to email template
#    Added more currencies
#    Added seller name and seller email to email templates
^    Changed Pounds to £
#    Hide high bidder field when creating an item on front end - Thanks David Anderson
#    Added login link for myitems view
#    Hide published for from end items when item is created - Thanks David Anderson
^    Changed Euro to ¬
#    Set redirect url after log in so it goes back to item
#    Added active/ended filter to back end item list
#    Fixed Bid Date matching up with wrong items in back end
$    Updated ro-RO language file - Thanks Alex Boboc
#    Fixed SEF issue when adding front end auction items

What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.4.0.1
^    Item listing view shows buy now button when bid now is hidden
#    Fixed tooltip for only show users own bids

What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.4.0
+    Added new parameter for main image width.
+    Added price esitmage, qty available, condition and buyers premium.
^    Changed productID to varchar
+    Hide username of other bidders with asterix between first and last characters.
+    If Product ID is not blank, it is shown on front end instead of Item ID
+    Added cs-CZ language file - Thanks Michal Dosoudil
+    Item location and delivery method fields now shown on front end.
+    Added Lytebox to item listing view
#    Fixed username bug in bid history
+    Added payment plugins (not functional on front end yet).
+    Ended auctions have strikethough date on back end
^    Moved AJAX code to separate file
+    Added new CSS styles bfauction_proLabel, bfauction_proDescription & bfauction_proIntrotext to style text on bid view
+    Added commission, tax and total
+    Bid now button hidden on the item listing view for items that auction has ended.
+    Enabled global parameters, which allows you to use the "use global" in your menu item.
+    Added version number to bottom of admin views.
+    Added reservePrice
+    Added hu-HU language file - Thanks G?bor
+    Added de-DE language file - Thanks Sven Goldschmitt

What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.3.4
#    Fixed bid view layout

What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.3.3
#    Fixed bid now
#    Fixed image popup slow in IE8
#    Fixed 'document.getElementById(...)' is null or not an object bug in IE

What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.3.2
#     fixed pay now username bug
+    Added sort by filter on front end
#    Fixed buy now decimal issue

What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.3.1
$    Fixed bid now in BFAuction_pro view COM_BFAUCTIONPRO_BUTTON_BID_NOW
$    Updated sk-SK language file - Thanks Roman
#    Fixed " in item title
+    Added High Bidder, Current Bid and Bid Date to back end view.
+    Added div and style for Item Description on bid view "bfauction_proItemDescription"

What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.3.0
+    Added state filter to items view in back end
^    Current bid now updated dynamically using AJAX
+    Added uid to bid table (jos_bfbid_pro)
+    New parameter to only show user's own bids and hide bid history of others.
^       Forced bid history to be sorted by date
#    Fixed item copy so that highbidder and current bid don't get copied
^    Allow opening bid to be set on any item until it has been bid on
+    Added Japanese jp-JP language file - Thanks H. Nakae
+    Added Finnish fi-FI language file - Thanks Mika
$    Updated Slovak sk-SK langauge file - Thanks Filip
+    Added countdown timer
+    Added to jos_bfauction_pro table winEmailSent and winEmailDate to be used to send winning notifications. Also added email sample for both of these.
+    Added pl-PL language file - Thanks Artur
+    Added bidCurrency field to jos_bfbid_pro
+   Added increaseEndTime, increaseEndTimeLastMinutes and increaseEndTimeAmount to parameters to increase end time when bid is within the last x minutes.
+     Added ro-RO language file - Thanks Stefan Relu
^    {bfcurrency} changed to {currency} in email template
+    Added image2-5.
+    Integrated image selection with Joomla media manager
+    Integrated Lytebox for images modal popup
+    Integration with JComments
^    Changed ACL so that it now uses groups too. Need to install free theArtOfUser plugin (http://www.theartofjoomla.com/extensions/artof-user.html)
^    Added uid field to jos_bfauction_pro so now my surveys only shows items you created.
^    Bidder username now stored instead of user's full name.
^    Front end item odering changed from by id to ordering
+    Added Dutch nl-NL langauge file - Thanks Paul
+    Added French fr-FR language fiel - Thanks pmarty
+    Added bid confirmation page
+    Added link on bid history page to return to item

What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.2.1
*    Path Disclosure Vulnerability fixed - Thanks Brian Teeman
^    Changed installation method to upgrade, and added code to auto upgrade existing BF Auction versions (v1.0 or greater)
What's new in BF Auction Pro v1.2.0
#    fixed php notices
$    updated langauge file format in preparation for Joomla 1.6
+    By item minimum bid increment
+    Description field now uses content.prepare, so it should now be able to integrate with any content plugin, eg. Allvideos
#    Timezone fix when user was in different timezone to site. Now BF Auction Pro only uses timezone in global config.
+    Category menu item parameter to allow you to restrict view to one category only.
#    Fixed disclaimer being displayed between pages when you have more than 20 auction items.
+    Added shipping costs
+    Buy now button
^    Bid and bid increment changed from int to float with 2 decimal places
+    Ability to have a reverse Auction
^    Redirect returns to item on unsuccessful bid rather than item list view.
+    Link to log in
+    Added Turkish tr-TR langauge file
+    Added Slovak sk-SK langauge file
+    Added Brazilian Portuguese pt-BR language file

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