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BF Quiz (J1.5)

BF Quiz is a quiz extension for Joomla 1.5, and is included when you purchase a subscription to BF Quiz Plus for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.

Stable 1.4.6

Released on
Saturday, 07 September 2013 19:54
734 times

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BF Quiz v1.4.6
+    Added quiz title to thank you page
#    Fixed bug when option is 0
+    Added global preferences

BF Quiz v1.4.5
-    Removed redundant AllVideos code from views, as this is all handed by on content prepare now.
#    Display ALL fixed
#    Myquizzes view fixed.
$    New langauge strings for stats view - option, count, percent, graph.

BF Quiz v1.4.4
^    Changed default ordering of my quizzes view
#    Fixed pagination on question view when there are lots of parent-child groupings
+    Added score category

BF Quiz v1.4.3.3
#    Fixed SAYG score range matrix issue

BF Quiz v1.4.3.2
$    Updated Italian language file - Thanks Manuel DI PAOLA
+    Added show correct
#    Fixed SAYG conditional branching issue

BF Quiz v1.4.3.1
#    Fixed deleting responses for random pool quiz

BF Quiz v1.4.3
^    Question field type defaults to TEXT instead of VARCHAR(255)
+    Added code to automatically change field type in database when changed in question
#    Minor checkbox fix - Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach()
BF Quiz v1.4.2.4
+    Added Maximum Score {maxscore} to email template

BF Quiz v1.4.2.3
#    checkbox stats fix
$    Added translations for text in  /components/com_bfquiz/views/myquizzes/tmpl/default.php
#    Fixed email templates category issue.

BF Quiz v1.4.2.2
#    checkbox answers not saving http://www.tamlyncreative.com.au/software/forum/index.php?topic=899.0
#    Warning: Call-time pass-by-reference has been deprecated http://www.tamlyncreative.com.au/software/forum/index.php?topic=852.msg3122#msg3122

BF Quiz v1.4.2.1
#    catid Element not defined for Menu type

BF Quiz v1.4.2
#    Fixed random question pool & report view model issue

What's new in BF Quiz v1.4.1
*    Path Disclosure Vulnerability fixed - Thanks Brian Teeman
^    Changed installation method to upgrade, and added code to auto upgrade existing BF Quiz versions (v1.2.2 or greater)

What's new in BF Quiz v1.4.0

+    Random question pool
+    TextArea question type
+    Results show individual quesiton score and solution
^    Scores default to 0 for new questions
*    Better sanitisation of variables / improved security
^    Better session variables
+    Category filter on matrix views
+    State filter added to various views
^    Better language support (All language files rewritten using COM_BFQUIZ )
+    maintenance tab to clean up answer tables and backup BF Quiz mySQL tables
^    Better timer
+    Email templates to change the admin and author emails without having to change and source code.
+    Mandatory shown on question view

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