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BF Survey Pro (J1.5)

BF Survey Pro is a survey extension for Joomla 1.5 and is included when you purchase a subscription to BF Survey Plus for Joomla 2.5 & Joomla 3.


Released on
Saturday, 07 September 2013 19:47
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What's new in BF Survey Pro v1.4.5.2
#    Fixed stats view
#    Fixed notice when editing rating question via my surveys
+    Added new css style to allow for padding between radio button and text
#    Fixed _OTHER_ stats issue on front end
#    Fixed radio stats when leading space
#    changed INPUT to inputto ake it valid XHTML

What's new in BF Survey Pro v1.4.5.1
#    Fixed imposeMaxLength for textarea so you can still delete chars after max length exceeded
+    Added ru-RU language files  - Thanks Nikolay Andrianov from www.almodi.org
#    Fixed CSV export so it support mysqli and UTF-8
#    Fixed QuestionFooter issue for drop down
#    Fixed UTF-8 issue in Excel export
#    Fixed PLEASE SELECT translation for default multipage view drop down question type.

What's new in BF Survey Pro v1.4.5
$    Updated pt-BR file - Thanks Carlos Ferreira
$    Updated pt-PT langauge file - Thanks Carlos Ferreira

What's new in BF Survey Pro v1.4.4
$    Updated es-ES language file
+    Added Minimum input length for textarea field (requires BF Validate v1.5)

What's new in BF Survey Pro v1.4.3
#    _OTHER_ for back end stats  (still need to do front end)
#    Display ALL fixed
$    Updated es-ES langauge file - Thanks Rodrigo
+    Added es-ES.com_bfsurvey_pro.menu.ini - Thanks Rodrigo

What's new in BF Survey Pro v1.4.2
$    Updated nl-NL langauge file - Thanks Johan van Rooijen
^    Changed split to preg_split in stats view
$    Updated nb-NO Norwegian langauge file - Thanks Kirsten Smith
$    Added en-GB.com_bfsurvey_pro.menu.ini as example of how to translate menus
*    Fixed question pagination when there are lots of parent-child groupings
$    Added language string for stats view (both front end and back end) COM_BFSURVEYPRO_QUESTION_TYPE

What's new in BF Survey Pro v1.4.1
*    environ vulnerability fix
+    Added {company} to email template
#    Fixed copy survey so child questions are correctly associated with new copy of parent
#    Fixed _OTHER_ issue for default multipage view.
#    Fixed rating question email issue for SAYG view

What's new in BF Survey Pro v1.4.0.3
#    SAYG prevent multiple entries email, IP and UID fixed.
#    My Surveys _OTHER_ fix

What's new in BF Survey Pro v1.4.0.2
+    Added copy survey button to question view
#    Fixed ordering bug in my surveys view
#    Fixed email issue for onepage view

What's new in BF Survey Pro v1.4.0
^    License change to GNU GPL
*    Better sanitisation of variables / improved security
^    Better session variables
^    Changed installation method to upgrade, and added code to auto upgrade existing BF Survey Pro versions (v1.2.3 or greater)
+    Email templates to change the admin and author emails without having to change any source code.
*    Path Disclosure Vulnerability fixed - Thanks Brian Teeman
+    State filter added to question view
^    Better language support (All language files rewritten using COM_BFSURVEYPRO ) - There is still some work to be done here to complete all the language files, if you can help please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+    Added prevent multiple entries UID (Joomla user id)
+    Added mandatory column to question view
-    Removed image url and image align
-    Removed import tab in admin (moved import button to maintenance tab)
^    Question field type defaults to TEXT instead of VARCHAR(255)
+    Added read only setting to my surveys view
^    Updated es-ES langauge file, thanks bittingbits
#    Summation question type fix for when there are multiple summation questions on the same page
^    All options now displayed using JText
+    Added sk-SK Slovak langauge file - thanks Filip

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