Adding Auction Items

Components->BF Auction Plus

Click new button (top right)

Complete the details as required, then click the save button.

Repeat for other items you would like to add.

  • Category: Mandatory field that assigns item to category.

  • Title: Mandatory field with brief description of item.

  • Status: Only items with published set to Yes will be shown on the front end.

  • Description: Detailed description of item. Can contain HTML and images.

  • Opening Bid: Only shown when item has just been created or has not been bid on yet, this allows you to set a starting bid. This field is replaced with current bid once someone has bid on the item.

  • Current Bid: Read only field that will show the current highest bid. Cannot be changed.

  • High Bidder: Read only field that will display name of the person with the current highest bid. Cannot be changed. Value of 0 means that no-one has bid on the item yet.

  • Auction End Date & Time: Date and time that the auction for this item will end. After this time, no more bids will be accepted.

  • Item Location: Optional text field to record where the item is located.

  • Delivery Method: Optional text field to describe how winning bidder will obtain item.

  • Shipping: Shipping cost that is added to the winning bid.

  • Image 1-5: These are the images shown on the auction item. The first image is shown as the main image. We’ll talk more about uploading images later.

  • Product ID (optional): This is your internal product reference number that is also passed to PayPal.

  • Payment Type: If set to PayPal, buy now buttons will be shown to the winning bidder. Other payment gateways may be added in a future version.

  • PayPal Email: This is the email address that the PayPal payment is sent to.

  • Buy now price: A fixed price that the customer can pay now to purchase the item instead of attempting to win via bidding.

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