Chapter 3. Adding a menu item for your Auction

Adding a menu item for your Auction

In menu manager (menus->menu manager), select the menu you would like to add the auction to, eg. Main menu (or just click menus->main menu->Add New Menu Item).

Select “Auction” as the menu item type

Enter a title, for example “Staff Auction”

On the right hand side, in the Required Settings section, you can select a category to limit the auction to a specific category of items. If you want to show all auction items regardless of category, just set Show All categories to “Yes”. If you only want to show one specific category, set this to “No”.

There are a number settings in Auction Options that you can adjust to customise your auction.

  • Show Disclaimer: Choose yes if you want to show a disclaimer message before the auction item listing.

  • Disclaimer Text: This is the text of the disclaimer page. You can include HTML.

  • Row shading colour: Used in conjunction with Alternate shading colour, this allows you to have alternate rows in the auction listing different colours. You can select the colour or just type it in.

  • Send email notification: Choose yes if you want email notifications to be sent. There are several types of emails that you set up via the email templates.

  • Currency Symbol: This is the symbol before all prices, eg. Dollars will show $

  • PayPal currency Code: If you are using PayPal to accept payments for your auction items then this sets the currency used, eg. AUD for Australian dollar.

  • Date format: This allows you to change the date format. Please refer to

  • Bid Increment: This is the minimum bid increment. If the current bid is $10, and bid increment is set to 1, then the next bid must be $11 or more. Please note that each auction item can have it’s own minimum bid increment which overrides this setting.

  • Apply Daylight Savings Fix: Some places such as Sydney often find their Joomla! Sites are 1 hour out due to daylight savings. This parameter allows you to factor in for daylight savings if your location requires it. Only turn this on if your auction time is out by an hour even though you have the correct timezone set in your global config.

  • Reverse Auction: This turns all your auction items into a reverse auction, where the bid starts out high and reduces each bid. The lowest bid wins, however note that price cannot be negative, so the lowest possible bid will be determined by the minimum bid increment.

  • Only show user’s own bids: This setting hides other people’s bids in the bid history.

  • Hide bid if buy now: Use this setting if you want all your auction items using PayPal buy now price to disable the bidding, so that item can only be purchased at fixed buy now price.

  • Increase End time: When getting near the end of your auction item’s end time, and a user bids in the last few seconds, you can increase the end time to give other people ample time to bid on an item. This avoids the issue of bid snipers when they wait till the last few seconds to place a winning bid. Use this setting in conjunction with the next two parameters.

  • Last X minutes: Used with Increase End Time, this defines the period of time at the end of the auction where bids trigger an end time increase. For example, if set to 5 mins, a bid when there is 3mins left will trigger the auction end time for the item to be increased.

  • Increase amount (mins): Used with above two settings, this is the amount of time that the auction end time is increased when bids are placed in the last few minutes of the auction.

  • Commission percent: This allows you to add a commission amount on top of the bid price.

  • Include Tax: This allows you to add tax on top of the bid amount. Used in conjunction with tax percent.

  • Tax Percent: This is the percentage tax that is added to the bid amount.

  • Show Total Price: This give a total that includes the commission and tax.

  • Width of main image: This is the width of the large image on the item details page (bid).

  • Maximum image width: This is the width of the larger image shown in the lightbox popup when you click on the thumbnail image.

  • Maximum image height: This is the height of the larger image shown in the lightbox popup when you click on the thumbnail image.

  • Thumbnail image width: This is the width of the thumbnail image used for the item listing and for images 2-5 on the item details page.

  • Thumbnail image height: This is the height of the thumbnail image used for the item listing and for images 2-5 on the item details page.

  • Max image size: Used for image uploads. Please note that the maximum image size possible on your server will be restricted by the upload_max_filesize setting in your php.ini, so do not set it larger than this limit. It needs to include the size of all 5 images (if you upload them at once).

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