Front End Auction Item management

BF Auction Plus allows you to maintain auction items via the front end of your Joomla site. To enable this you will need to set the permissions in the component options as well as adding an additional menu item.

The menu item required is My Auction Items

You must be logged in to see the My Items view on the front end.

If you want registered users to be able to create auction items on the front end, you need to give them create access to the categories you want them to see.

You also need to give them access to the component

In the my auction items view on the front end, to see the new button you need create access to the component.

To be able to edit the items, you also need edit permissions for the category that the item is in.

You also need to give them edit permission for the for BF Auction Plus component

You also need edit state to be able to publish/unpublish the items.

Now the user will see the categories you have given them permission to see, so that they can create auction items in that category.

Please note that the user can only see/edit auction items that they have created when using the My Items view on the front end. Back End Joomla users can see all items.

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