Chapter 5. Advanced

How to add a quiz as link in article rather than as a menu item

In Menu Manager, add a new menu (does not matter what you call it as no-one will see it), for example hidden menu

Within that menu, add a BF Quiz Plus Menu Item Type, and setup the parameters as required.

Once saved, go back into menu item, and copy contents from link field, for example index.php?option=com_bfquiz_plus&view=bfquizplus&catid=51

Take note of ID field.

  • Create a new article, or edit an existing one.

  • Select some text and create a link

  • Link will be what you copied from menu item, with &Itemid=xx appended (where xx is the ID for that menu item). For example index.php?option=com_bfquiz_plus&view=bfquizplus&catid=51&Itemid=70

  • Save your article.

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