Creating a menu item

Once you have added your questions, you can add a quiz menu item to add the quiz to your site. From the menu manager, select the menu you want your quiz to appear in.

Click the new button

There are several menu types available for BF Quiz Plus.

Default – multi page quiz

This quiz type offers the most flexibility, as you can have a different number of questions on each page of the quiz, which is achieved by grouping questions using the parent item.

The default multi page quiz temporarily stores the responses in session variables, and waits till the very end (when the thank you message is displayed) to save the responses into the database. By default the session lifetime set in your global configuration is 15 minutes, so be aware that if you have a long quiz which takes more than 15 mins to complete then you may need to increase the session lifetime on your site or perhaps use the save as you go (SAYG) view instead. It is possible to increase the session lifetime for BF Quiz Plus only instead of changing the global setting, however it requires a minor code change, if you are interested in this please refer to our support forum.

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