Article Meta Tags

This is where you edit meta descriptions for the articles. While editing you will see some information if you are below or above the min & max recommended values for that field.

Purple = too short (text is less than the minimum number of characters)

Pink = too long (text is more than the maximum number of characters)

Red = duplicate content (two or more meta have exactly the same text)


You can adjust the minimum and maximum number of characters in the component options if you are not happy with the default values.

Use Generate Meta Descriptions to populate the field with descriptions taken from the article text. It will try to find the most relevant description. This only works for empty meta descriptions.

The generation of Meta Descriptions is a bit smarter than most extensions that simply take the first bit of text from your article. Our generator actually determines which keyword is used most frequently in your article, and then picks one of the first sentances using that keyword. In the component options, you can choose if you want the keyword to be determined from your article title, or from the article text itself.


You must press the save button at the top of the page for any changes you make to be saved. The one exception is if you use the Generate Meta Description button, as this will save before the generation script will run.

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