Chapter 3. Meta Tag Editors

Menu Meta Tags

This is where you edit meta data for the menus. You can edit the meta title (aka page title) and meta description. While editing you will see some information if you are below or above the min & max recommended values for that field.

Purple = too short (text is less than the minimum number of characters)

Pink = too long (text is more than the maximum number of characters)

Red = duplicate content (two or more meta have exactly the same text)


You can adjust the minimum and maximum number of characters in the component options if you are not happy with the default values.

You can also preview the article and check for some important SEO factors.


You must press the save button at the top of the page for any changes you make to be saved.

If you have show alias field component option turned on, you will also see the menu alias field. This field is used by Joomla to determine the URL of that page. Normally it's a bad idea to change these, as existing links in google that point to that page will break if you change it's name, however with BF SEO, it takes advantage of com_redirect component in Joomla core, and will automatically redirect the old URL to the new URL when you change the alias field. For this to work, you must have correctly configured com_redirect on your Joomla site, which involves enabling the redirect system plugin, turning on collect URLs, making sure you have a .htaccess file, and turning on Use URL Rewriting in your global configuration.

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