Adding Questions

To create your survey, you need to set up questions, which define the fields used to capture the required information.

You can access the questions section via the control panel button or tab.

Press the new button to create a question

Select your survey category, enter your question, and select the appropriate question type. Depending on the question type and what you are trying to achieve, you may need to complete some of the other fields too.

Question Fields

Details Tab

The default tab has the most important settings for the question.


This is your survey category. Each category is a different survey.


This is the text of your question. Note that you can suppress this text if required to prevent it from being shown to the user.

DB Field Name

This is automatically generated based on your question, but you need to make sure this is unique so if you have similar questions then you may need to add some characters to the default value. This is used to create the field in the mysql answer table that stores the survey responses, so it cannot contain spaces or special characters, just use lowercase alpha numeric characters only.


You also cannot use mySQL reserved words

Also avoid default database field names Name, Company, Email, enabled, ordering, created_by, created_on, modified_by, modified_on, locked_by, locked_on, ip, and status.

Question Type

This is the type of field used for this question.

Choices include:

  • Text

  • Radio

    When you have a small number of options, you can select horizontal label to make all the options appear on the same line.

  • Checkbox

  • Textarea

  • Attachment

    Pressing browse allows you to select a file from your computer to upload. Software currently supports a number of formats including JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, and PDF.

    Once you have selected a file, you will see the file name appear next to the browse box.


    If you enter an incorrect Captcha, you will need to browse for attachments again.

  • Date

  • DropDown

  • User List

    Similar to drop down, but list of users is populated from your Joomla website.


    There may be security implications of using this field type. I personally only use it on Intranet sites.

  • Rating

    Creates groups of radio buttons.

    The two important fields are Field Titles and Total. Total defines the number of columns of radio buttons. Titles is optional, and allows you to replace the automatic numbers with text, just use semicolon to separate titles, and make sure the number of titles matches the total.

    Each option will have its own row of radio buttons.

  • Heading

    Headering quesitons are used for the tabs of multipage forms. The also just show heading text.

    No database field is created for this question type, and there are no input fields.

  • SQL

    Similar to drop down, but options are populated via an SQL query.

  • URL

    Similar to text, but when set to mandatory it will validate and ensure a URL is entered.

  • Helptext

    This field is used to display whatever addtional text on the form that you desire, and it allows you to embed any Joomla content plugin that you would normally insert into a Joomla article.

    This field can be used to insert video (using a third party plugin such as Allvideos).

    No database field is created for this question type, and there are no input fields.


If set to yes, user will be forced to answer that question before the form is submitted.


This is used to group questions together. When using a tab based form, use a heading question as "top" and set other questions that should appear on this tab as the heading question for the parent item.

Help Text

This text appears when you place the cursor on the question label. It helps the user understand how they should answer this question.

Options Tab

These fields are used by the radio, checkbox and dropdown question types.


Each option is a choice presented to the user.

You can also use _OTHER_ as the option, which will add a text input field.

Visibility Tab

These fields are used to show/hide questions based on answers to previous questions.

Refer to the advanced features conditional branching section of this document for more information about the show and hide question feature.

Hide this question if

This setting is used to hide the current question based on choices to a previous question.

Show this question if

This setting is used to show the current question based on choices to a previous question. When this is used, question is initially hidden on the form, and only shown once the user select the appropriate option in the question chosen.

Show question may override the hide question, so don't use both for the same question.

Terminate options

Used with either radio or checkbox quesiton types, this allows you to immediate termiate the survey if a particular option is selected.

Terminate URL

Used in conjunction with terminate options, this allows you to immediately redirect to a different URL if one of the above terminate options are selected, rather than showing the thank you page.

Advanced Tab

This tab contains some more complex settings that give you more flexibility as to the behaviour of your survey.

Suppress Question

This is used to hide the text of the question.

CSS Class

This will append a CSS class suffix to your question, which allows you to alter the appearance of the question.

Field Type

This is the type of field that is created in your mySQL database table. The default of TEXT will work for any question type, but is not particularly efficient. In some cases you may wish to choose a specific field type such as INT.

Field Size

If used with non-text field type, it will control the size of the field. For example, if varchar field type is used and field size is set to 100, the field created in your database will be varchar(100).

When used with a text question type, this will control the width of the field. It can also be used to limit the number of characters entered in a field, for example if you only want a 3 digit number entered.

Validation Type

When question is set to mandatory, this controls the type of validation used for this field. The options available will differ depending on the quesiton type chosen.

Field Titles

This is used with the rating question type

Field Total

How many columns of radio buttons do you want when using the rating question type.


Used for the SQL question type.

For example:

SELECT name, id FROM `rxlct_accountmanagers`

SQL Key Field

This field will be used for the text of the options

For example:


SQL Value Field

This field will be used for the value of the options, and will be what is actually stored in your database.

For example:


Horizontal Label

Used for the radio question type to allow options to be next to each other rather than one underneath each other.


DO NOT use this setting when you have lots of options.

Option Prefix

This text will appear BEFORE each option for a radio or checkbox question.

Option Suffix

This text will appear AFTER each option for a radio or checkbox question.

_OTHER_ Prefix

When using the _OTHER_ option, this text will appear BEFORE the text input field for a radio or checkbox question.

_OTHER_ Prefix

When using the _OTHER_ option, this text will appear AFTER the text input field for a radio or checkbox question.

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