Next Question ID

This allows you to add conditional branching to your survey where you can essentially skip questions based on the answer chosen. The question id is shown in the first column on the questions view.


Note: you should only jump forwards in your survey, don’t jump back and forth.

A next question ID of -1 will terminate the survey if that option is chosen, and the user will be shown the thank you text at the end.

What is conditional branching?

Basically instead of displaying the questions in order, the next question could branch off in more than one direction depending on the answer chosen. If you look at our demo, if you answer yes to the first question Is this the first time you have used us?, the second question will be How did you hear about us?, if you answer no, the second question will be Why did you choose to use us again?. You can skip questions depending on the answers. This is achieved by entering the Next Question ID next to the answer you wish to trigger the branching. Some question types such as text only have one Next Question ID, this basically allows you to skip questions, or if you enter -1 it will end the survey.

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