Question Type

Question Type is the type of question you would like. If you want the user to only select one option, then radio question type is usually the best. If you want a short free text entry, choose text question type. Checkbox is used when you want the user to select one or more options. Textarea is for multiple lines of text input. Date is a date selection. DropDown is a drop down list where you can select only one option. Summation is where you want to distribute points against two or more options. Rating is multiple columns of radio buttons for each option.


Rating question allows you to score several options.

You can choose the total number of columns per question.

Total field defines how many columns, in this case 1-5. Unlike other questions where result is stored in DB field name, for rating questions each option is stored in it's own field with the format fieldnameNUMBER, for example option1 above will be stored in myrating1 field.

Labels for rating question

The rating question type has an extra field called “titles”. This allows us to label the options (1,2,3) with words (such as Agree, Not Sure, Disgree).

The titles must be separated by a semicolon (;) and the number of titles should match the total field above.

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