Chapter 2. Configuration

Where to start


If module is not already there, click new button and select Maximage Background Slider

Enter a title, such as Maximage Background Slider. You may wish to set show title to hide.

Status = published

Set the module position where this is being displayed, for example "top". It doesn't really matter which module position you select as this displays images in the background, but somewhere near the top is a good idea.

Use menu assignment to control which pages on your site this slider appears.

On the images tab, select one or more images. Note: Although the software will automatically scale your images, it is a good idea to manually resizes your images appropriately before adding them to the slider so that you can optimise the load time.

Suggested image size is 2560 x 1706 pixels @ 72 dpi. Try to keep each image under 300kb, otherwise it's going to take a long time to load.

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