Ken Wheeler and the massive Slick community have built a great image carousel for Javascript, which we are now excited to bring to Joomla with our Slick Slider Module (mod_slick). This carousel module is responsive by default, and what's even better is that it has touch capabilities for easier scrolling on mobile devices.

We've tried to keep this module as simple as possible, you are not going to be overwhelmed with options like some of the slideshow extensions out there. At this stage we haven't implemented every Slick feature, but if there is a feature that you'd really like to see, please let us know.


Fully responsive
Image click behavior
Auto Play
Option to Pause on Hover
Infinite Scroll
Mouse drag
Move slide with touch

Images can all be the same size if you like, or they can be different sizes (just make sure they all have the same height). You can select up to 10 images. You can turn off the navigation arrows if you don't want them. Each image can go to a different URL when you click them, and you can insert text below each image if you want, but of course this is optional and not everyone is going to want this.

Perfect for individuals

1 site support license

3 months update

3 months support

Perfect for freelancers

5 site support license

6 months update

6 months support

For all size business

UNLIMITED site license

12 months update

12 months support

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